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2017 will include a Run/Bike Relay! 


Registration starting at 8:00am please register at LEAST ˝ hour before your planned event.

Both segments of the race will begin and end at Cannon Beach near the Pavillion. Run will start at Cannon Beach Pavillion: Race route on the beach to Situk River and back. As per GPS tracking, the route is 6.8 miles.  The bike portion will go from Cannon beach towards the White Alice Site on the beach and return on the forested road. 

9:00 a.m. Start for runners. 9:30 a.m. Start for bikers.

Distance and Fees:

Don Bremner in 2010 Governor's Cup Race

Race Organizer Don Bremner in the 2010 Governor’s Cup Race

·       Short course (1 mile) – FREE.

·       $25 per athlete for long courses.

·       Bike course (8 miles) - $25

·       Running course (7 miles) - $25

·       Run and Bike course (15 miles) - $25

Race Event Includes:

·       Free short course finisher’s medal

Local 'runner' on the trail
A local “runner” on the trail

·       Runner finisher’s medal and t-shirt

·       Biker finisher’s medal and t-shirt

·       Combined event for one athlete running and biking finisher’s medal and t-shirt

·       Combined event for two athlete’s (one running, one biking – relay) finisher’s medal and t-shirt

Race Benefits:

·       How often do you get to trail race!

·       Enjoy the feeling of being in an ancient forest

·       A chance to test your hill running and lung capacity

·       A chance to challenge yourself

·       A chance to meet trail runners and give your old running shoes one last run!!

·       Both races are you against nature! Rain, storm, or shine!

Don Bremner:

Don Bremner was born and raised in Yakutat. He has been involved with volunteering for the Yakutat Tern Festival for a couple of years. Most recently in planning the Tern Festival running race. Don has always been associated with running in different sports and forms. From high school and community basketball; Regimented training and running in the U.S. Marine Corps; Southeast Road Runner Club membership running; and has participated in helping volunteer for supporting road and trail races; now helping organize the Tern Festival Yakutat Widman races. There's too many reasons for being involved with running and the Yakutat Tern Festival, but in a couple of words, "It's Good!" 


Wildman Race:
Click here for the official flyer for the 2017 Wildman Race.

Wildman Race Photos

Some 2016 10K Run pictures:





Steep crossing along the trail Steep hill on the trail


Finishers in the 2016 race

Steep hill on the trail

Another wet section of the trail Scenic view from the trail

Another wet section of the trail

Scenic view from the trail

More scenic views from the trail:  
Scenic view from the trail Scenic view from the trail

2016 Yakutat Wild Man Race Results


1)     1:23:59            Teresa Swanson

2)     1:28:05            Monica Niebrzydowsla

 Short Course

1)      40:28                    Sammy Israelson

2)      42:58                    Judy Israelson

3)      54:29                    Cherie Larson

4)      54:29                    Jody Kalahar

5)      1:28:20                Robin Bemis

6)      1:28:20                Abby P

7)      1:28:20                Tiffany Bemis


1)      49:44                    John Begay

2)      52:08                    Benjamin Rockwood

3)      52:39                    Enrique Mireles

4)      52:47                    Karl Spinti

5)      52:51                    Brady Spinti

6)      55:47                    Alin Vale

7)      56:05                    Derick Gomez

8)      1:03:05                Alvina Begay

9)      1:04:56                Lorena Williams

10)   1:05:31                Larry Dance

11)   1:05:31                Jeremiah James

12)   1:05:32                Russel Wicka

13)   1:08:21                Sara Cleaver

14)   1:10:52                Susan, Lexie, & Khantaak Oehlers

15)   1:14:42                Starr Jensen

16)   1:14:43                James Jensen

17)   1:15:32                Erin Dye

18)   1:23:51                Marlie Reed

19)   1:23:51                Don Bremner

2016 Wildman 10K sponsors: 

Yakutat Tlingit Tribe

Bert Bremner

C. Hyatt

Foster Pepper PLLC

EEIS Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Central Council Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska.

Swinomish Indian Tribe

The Whitener Group

Marvin Adams, National Capital LLC

Russel Wicka

John K. Norman


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