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Denny Olson

Flathead Audubon Conservation Educator

Denny has trained thousands of naturalists, teachers and students in storytelling
techniques. He has performed his humorous alter-egos (Doc Wild’s Unhuggables,
Dancing with Wolves, The Grizz, Dr. Death, Prof. Avian Guano, Dr. Loonacy, The
Lost Voyageur, The Mad Herbalist, over 3500 times, in 49 states, for over 2
million people – including about 30 birding festivals and many national education
conferences. He did an NBC Montana “News from the Woods” program for five
years as Doc Wild. He’s become more of a semi-retired home-body recently,
working as the Flathead Audubon Conservation Educator and teaching about 60
hiking/natural history/birding classes in Glacier National Park each year. And, he
can whistle/call over 150 bird songs!


Keynote Presentation -
TBD Friday or Saturday Night 5/31 or 6/1

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Audubon Alaska: Alaska's Important Bird Areas

"Because habitat loss is the most serious threat facing bird species across North America and around the world, Audubon’s IBA program is a site-based initiative to address habitat loss through community-supported conservation."
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Audubon Alaska: Southeast Alaska Birding Trail

"In addition to the vibrant and prolific birdlife, Southeast Alaska is home to rugged mountains, thousands of maritime islands, spectacular glacial fjords, highly productive estuaries, and towering old-growth trees."
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Audubon Alaska: Climate Change in Alaska

"It can be difficult to digest so many changes at once and try to understand patterns and processes associated with these phenomena. At Audubon Alaska, we utilize maps as a way to understand the natural (or unnatural) world around us and prioritize our work."
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