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Yakutat Tern Festival Annual Art Contest

Congratulations to our
2023 Yakutat Tern Fest Art Contest Winner, Celia Bower
General Information

Please submit your art by

February15th, 2024 for the 2024 Festival.

Please submit entries to

For guideline information, please continue reading below.

General Information

The Yakutat Tern Festival Annual Art contest is an opportunity for artists and graphic designers to showcase their talents. We encourage participants to draw artistic inspiration from Yakutat's unique scenery, wildlife, and culture for their art piece.

The YNS will choose the submission which we feel is the best representation for the current year's festival. The winning artist will receive a $100 prize and see their art featured on Tern Festival merchandise, including tee shirts and posters.

For more information on guidelines and submission instructions, continue reading below.


1. Use clean, simple, and bold lines.

2. Please include associated text of one or more of the following:

     - 2024

     - 13th Annual Tern Festival

     - Tern Fest

3. Must be clear and recognizable when reduced to 3".

4. Use no more than 3 colors.

5. Submit in PDF or JPG format.

Submit all entries to

We look forward to viewing your submission!

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