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Yakutat Tern Festival Photo Contest

We are now accpeting 2024

Photo Contest Submissions!

Think you have an award-worthy photo?
Step 1: Qualify

Your photo submission MUST have been taken in Yakutat.

Step 2: Submit

Submit your photos to

before the 5/30/24.

Visitors are still able to enter after arrival, with the understanding that voting

will already be under way. 

(please limit submissions to 3/person)

Step 3: Vote

Show up in person to Tern Fest to view qualified submissions and submit a ballot for your favorite photos! (You can vote for yourself... We won't tell).

The submissions which receive the most votes will be declared first, second, and third place respectively. 

Winners will be announced

at the end of the festival


1st Place Winner: $100

2nd Place Winner: $75

3rd Place Winner: $50

Congratulations to our 2023 Photo Contest Winners!
Sam Lobdell_First Place.PNG

First Place -

Photo by Sam Lobdell

Shaye Jensen_Third Place.PNG

Second Place -

Photo by Shaye Jensen

Tracy Israelson_Third Place.PNG

Third Place -

Photo by Tracy Israelson

2022 YTF Photo Contest Winners
first place tern fest winner.jpg

First Place - Photo by Starr Jensen

Second Place - Photo by Starr Jensen

Third Place - Photo by Russel Wicka

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