Holly Churchill was our 9th Annual Tern Festival Featured Artist. We had a wonderful time learning about traditional weaving, gathering the materials from the earth, and using them to make our own keepsakes.

She taught kids and adult programs for us.


Thank you Holly! 


Holly Churchill

Holly Churchill is a member of the Haida Eagle clan of Gawa Git’ans Gitanee practicing traditional Haida-style cedar bark and spruce root basketry. She is the granddaughter of Selina Peratrovich and daughter of Delores Churchill, internationally renowned weavers instrumental to the preservation of Haida weaving. Holly continues to pass this time-honored weaving knowledge as has been done for centuries.

Holly’s work has been displayed at museums throughout Alaska including the Alaska State Museum, the Tongass Historical Museum and the Totem Heritage Center, and reaches audiences across the globe in the Smithsonian Institute, the Eiteljorg Museum, and others. She has contributed to the revival of creating pre-contact Haida cedar bark garments now in use by dance groups, as well as featured in the recent award-winning film “Edge of the Knife.”

Holly has taught Northwest Coast weaving to students of all ages at the Totem Heritage Center since 1986 in addition to many other institutions and in schools across Alaska and around the world. Through her expert instruction, students gain skills through hands-on project-based classes while developing an appreciation of Northwest Coast Native cultures and the context for weaving practices. She works with students to develop a project that excites and motivates them to learn new skills and guides them through each step to complete a finished piece they are proud of. Holly’s teaching style is truly inspired. Her lifelong commitment to developing her own artistry while also challenging others to do the same through her dedication to teaching has ensured the continuation of a vibrant and integral piece of Haida culture.

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